SY-Z-2535 ZNC Small Hole EDM Drill


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On Board Technology
EDM settings are selected through a user friendly technology database

Job Specific Data Storage
Up to 50 part programs can be saved

One Button Cycle Start
Automatically the electrode will detect the surface, set zero, start the
high pressure pump, ramp up cutting power, cut to depth, and retract

Programmable Wear Compensation Percentage
Retracts the electrode to a safe position after each cycle

Audible Edge Finding and Automatic Center Calculation
Setups are easier and eliminates calculation errors

Soft Spark
Gradually increases amperage to improve stability and hole quality

Auxiliary I/O
Ability to integrate ancillary devices such as rotary tables,
indexers, and work piece handling systems

Linear Glass Scales with 5 Micron Resolution
Provides true, closed loop, position feedback for precise
part positioning accuracy

EDM Power Booster (Optional)
Increases maximum average current from 30 amps to 60 amps


TRAVEL X Axis 13.7” (350 mm)
Y Axis 9.8” (250 mm)
Back Slide 7.8” (200 mm)
Guide Height Adjustment(1) 5.9” (150 mm)
Z Axis 13.5” (345 mm)
OPEN HEIGHT * Minimum 0.4” (10 mm)
Maximum 8.2” (210 mm)
WORK TABLE Width 23.6” (600 mm)
Depth 11.8” (300 mm)
WORK PAN Width 27.9” (710 mm)
Depth 20.4” (520 mm)
WEIGHT CAPACITY On Work Table 880 lb. (400 kg.)
GENERATOR Maximum Average Current 30 A, 6 settings
On and Off Time 10 settings for each
Capacitors 0 to 1.81 µF
Width 43” (109 cm)
Depth 43” (109 cm)
Height 80” (203 cm)
WEIGHT 1,860 lb.  (845 kg.)
ENVIRONMENTAL Room Temperature 68 to 77˚F   (20 to 25˚C)
Relative Humidity 40% to 55%
UTILITIES Electrical 220VAC ±10%, 3 PHASE, 60 Hz, 3.5 KVA

Note 1: Adjusting the guide height to increase open height will reduce the usable electrode length
* Open Height is measured from tip of a standard ceramic guide.