Model Shown: SY-4060R

SY-4060R CNC Small Hole EDM Drill with Tool Bank and Fanuc Cobot


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6 Coordinate Systems
Allows up to 6 jobs to be run consecutively in a single set up

3 Step Control of EDM Parameters
Program up to three EDM parameter settings per hole to improve hole quality on difficult entrance and exits

Automatic Electrode Changer
Allows for a large volume of unattended operation

Automatic Electrode Stabilizer
Moves automatically to provide extra support for long electrodes

1000 RPM Programmable Spindle
Rotation speed is adjustable and will reduce cycle time for some applications

Windows Based
With conversational G and M Code programming

Multi-Tasking Abilities
Create and edit one program while the machine is running another

Ethernet Connectivity and USB Support
For programming and transferring of data

Automatic Depth Control
Generate blind holes reliably without operator intervention

Linear Glass Scales with 1 Micron Resolution
Provides true, closed loop, position feedback for precise part positioning accurac

Auxiliary I/O
Ability to interface with ancillary devices such as rotary tables, indexers, and work piece handling systems

Integrated Rotary and Tilt/Rotary Tables (optional)
Programmable tilt and rotary systems for complex parts requiring multi axis positioning

Break Through Detection (optional)
Ensures a complete hole or helps to eliminate back wall strikes

Optical Inspection System (optional)
High resolution video camera can measure hole size, verify position, and locate datum points for part programs

EDM Power Booster (optional)
Increases the maximum average current which will reduce the cycle time when using larger diameter electrodes

EDM Milling (optional)
EDM mill shaped diffuser holes using standard cylindrical electrodes

6 Point Probing (optional)
Probe the work piece to determine its 5 axis location and offset position in the part program

Coaxial Flush (optional)
A special guide and guide sleeve delivers auxiliary flush down the guide body

Programmable High Pressure Flush (optional)
Adjust the high pressure flush pressure through the electrode with a G-Code in the part program


TRAVEL X Axis 23.6” (600 mm)
Y Axis 15.7” (400 mm)
W Axis 19.6” (500 mm)
Z Axis 15.7” (400 mm)
OPEN HEIGHT * Minimum 6.3” (160 mm)
Maximum 26.0” (660 mm)
WORK TABLE Width 31.4” (800 mm)
Depth 19.6” (500 mm)
Width 43.8” (1,115 mm)
Depth 27.3” (695 mm)
Height  5.9” (150 mm)
WEIGHT CAPACITY On Work Table 1,750 lb. (795 kg.)
GENERATOR Maximum Average Current 30 A
On and Off Time 1 to 99 µs
Capacitors 0 to 1.81 µF
AEC Positions 20 **
AGC Positions 12 **
Width 93” (236 cm)
Depth 71” (180 cm)
Height 104” (264 cm)
WEIGHT 4,035 lb.  (1,830 kg.)
ENVIRONMENTAL Room Temperature 68 to 77˚F   (20 to 25˚C)
Relative Humidity 40% to 55%
UTILITIES Electrical 220VAC ±10%, 3 PHASE, 60 Hz, 3.5 KVA
Air 90 PSI @ 1 CFM   (6 BAR @ 1.7 CMH)

* Open Height is measured from tip of a standard ceramic guide.
** Optional.