Belmont carries a variety of dielectric EDM oil and fluids to suit each of our customers individual requirements. Our focus is to provide safe, quality options that will improve performance and overall throughput.

Quaker Houghton provides an industry leading line of metal removal fluids, including an expansive line of EDM Oils. Their world-class products and services help to reduce customers’ operating costs, improve productivity, and increase product quality.

IonoPlus oils are a universal synthetic dielectric best suited for the finest finishing processes to the most effective rough cut. Iono Plus improves metal removal and provides a greater resistance to electrode wear.

Rustlick Oils are available in both standard and synthetic options. They’re designed to resist thermal degradation and have low viscosity for excellent flushing and finishing.

With almost 40 years of experience in filtration and metalworking fluid distribution, Ebbco, Inc. has been a trusted partner of Belmont Equipment & Technologies over 30 years.  Royal Flush Premium Dielectric Fluids are offered in both synthetic and semi-synthetic options.

EDM Oil Type Standard Synthetic Semi-Synthetic
Quaker Houghton EDM-244 Oil    
Quaker Houghton Super Supreme EDM Oil    
Quaker Houghton Euro Supreme EDM Oil    
Quaker Houghton EDM-101 Oil    
Quaker Houghton EDM-185 Oil    
Quaker Houghton Micro-Fine 49 EDM Oil    
IonoPlus 3000 EDM Oil    
IonoPlus 3000 ET EDM Oil    
Rustlick EDM-500 Oil    
Rustlick EDM-250 Oil    
Rustlick EDM-30 Oil    
Rustlick EDM KlearKut Premium Oil    
Ebbco Royal Flush 266 EDM Oil