Belmont’s multiples series of small hole EDM drills let you drill straight deep holes in hard or soft conductive materials. Click the machine model shown in red to view additional information.

Machine Size Machine Model Available Options
Automatic Electrode and Guide  Changer Integrated Rotary Table Integrated Tilt/Rotary Table EDM Milling Break Through Detection Coaxial Flush Six Point Probing Optical Inspection System Automation Capable
Astec A34

Riser for Small Hole EDM

Most of our Small Hole EDM Drills have the option to increase the available open height over standard models depending on the height specifications of the customers parts. This option must be selected at machine build due to these machines heavy-duty construction.

Handshake Rotary or Tilt Rotary Table

Handshake control will use an M-Code or an I/O signal for communication between the machine control and an external controller in EDM drilling. Handshake rotary or tilt rotary tables are specially designed to operate in the environment of the EDM machine and help to improve accuracy and repeatability.

Integrated Rotary & Tilt Rotary Table

A fully integrated rotary & tilt rotary table is where the programs movements from the machine control for quick and simple programming. Integrated rotary or tilt rotary tables are specially designed to operate in the environment of the EDM drilling machine and help to improve accuracy and repeatability.

Small Hole EDM Break Through Detection Technology

Break Through Detection is an optional feature that can be incorporated into the machine control for all our Small Hole EDM Drill models. This is especially important in EDM drilling when the material thickness varies or is unknown. By providing depth control, and detecting when the electrode exits a workpiece, this feature can help in eliminating back wall strikes which can cause part damage or scrap.

EDM Milling

The SY Series Small Hole EDM drills can be customized to perform EDM Milling which allows the machine to EDM the required geometry from an imported NC file. The function to EDM mill is controlled by a special G-Code which moves the X, Y, and W Axes simultaneously based on the coordinates from the NC file. Standard cylindrical electrodes are used in the process to create the shape based on the desired part design.

Optical Inspection System

The SY Series CNC EDM Drill can include a high-resolution video camera with adjustable fiber optic lighting provides a clear view in the direction of the electrode during EDM drilling. The image is shown on an LCD screen which details the hole or elected features at the coordinates in the part program. The Optical Inspection system can measure entrance hole size, measure entrance hole position, and locate datum points for part programs.

Six Point Probing

The SY Series CNC EDM Drill can perform a 6-point probing routine on a workpiece to determine its 5-axis location. Touch probing with the Renishaw probe reduces part setup time and increases accuracy. The probe is wireless and has an optical transmissions method. Data from the probing routine is returned as variables within the part program. The variables can be used to offset position and can also be recorded in a file for statistical process control. The Renishaw touch probe is automatically changed in the guide holder with a command in the part program.

Programmable High-Pressure Flush

The SY Series CNC EDM Drill can include high pressure water through the electrode is valuable to the EDM drilling process. Changing the water pressure when the electrode diameter changes is beneficial and there are application specific benefits to changing the pressure. This option allows the pressure setting for the high-pressure flush through the electrode to be programmable with a G-Code in the SY CNC part program. The SY CNC maintains and continuously monitors the water pressure.

Coaxial Flush

The SY Series CNC EDM Drill can include a Coaxial flush option. This feature assists in EDM drilling applications where traditional auxiliary flush cannot reach the cut, and the Operator must manually move the flush line. This causes loss in production time due to the machine being idle until the Operator can move the flushing line(s). This feature requires a special guide and guide sleeve. Coaxial flush runs down the guide body, delivering flush where the guide points on the part.

EDM Drilling Automation

Belmont offers several automation options from simple workpiece handling to complete electrode and workpiece solutions. We can assist with anything that your EDM Drilling application requires. Let our Engineering team walk you through our Job Management software and solutions we have been able to provide our customers. We pride ourselves in assisting in maximizing efficiency, productivity, and unattended run time.

SY Series EDM Drills for Carbide Applications using Oil Dielectric

SY Series EDM Oil drills are specifically designed for carbide applications and EDM oil is used as the dielectric. Included with the machine is a closed loop filter system that consists of a reservoir, single cartridge filter unit with a 5-micron paper cartridge, and a pump used to fill and circulate the oil in the work tank. The reservoir has a 55-gallon capacity. The filter system also includes a liquid chiller that maintains a consistent temperature of the oil dielectric.

Custom Build & Turn-Key System Development

Belmont brings years of practical EDM drilling experience to our customers. We pride ourselves in providing cost effective, innovative solutions to keep you competitive in today’s global marketplace. If one of our standard models that already has many customizable features does not fit for your application, we can also investigate a Custom Build or Turn-Key System options.

We will custom build an EDM drilling solution according to your requested specifications. Our staff of EDM Professionals would meet with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your application goals, objectives, and budgetary constraints. The right machine configuration would be selected for your job based on this understanding, and our Engineering team would provide concept drawings to ensure feasibility.

We can also assist with full turnkey, EDM drilling system development with the Belmont team assuming total responsibility from design through completion of your project. Your application is analyzed to develop an efficient process flow, and the part is analyzed to develop efficient holding devices. Fixtures are then designed and built for the part and/or machine. The cutting technology and CNC programs are developed to optimize the EDM process. A complete integration of the system is verified to ensure part production requirements before the machine ships from our floor. The EDM drilling system is delivered to your facility and installed by our team of qualified technicians. Our technicians train your operators on the machine and control, so they have a complete understanding of the machining process. Your system’s operation is verified to meet or exceed your expectations. As always, you have Belmont’s full commitment to after-sale support to ensure continued productivity of the system.