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Our Company is built upon the core values that we believe reflect who we are and who we want to continue to be – to our employees and to our customers. Just like a family, we believe our employees should treat each other and their work here at Cleary Developments, Inc. with these core values in mind. These core values reflect who we are – a caring company that strives to create a healthy work environment in order to sustain and grow our business. Every day, we expect our employees to perform their jobs with these core values in mind:

Honesty and Integrity: Say things as they are or how you believe them to be; Soundness of moral character, as well as being honest.

Embrace and Drive Change: Face challenges optimistically; seek out information instead of waiting for it. Be connected, have a plan and break down stages so they are easily understood by all stakeholders.

Accountability: Be accountable for your actions both personally and in the work environment. Work collaboratively, be empowering, respectful and influential without being controlling or demanding.

Respect: Respect yourself, your coworkers, and the company. Respect happens when no one is looking and also in a group. If you must disagree, do it honestly, thoughtfully and passionately. Self-respect leads to self-discipline.

Teamwork: Families orient themselves towards comfort and security. Teams achieve goals. You are a part of the family of Cleary Developments, Inc. Be a team member to help us achieve our goals.

Communication is a key piece and the foundation of our Core Values at every level.

At Cleary Developments, Inc. the employee is the HEART of our organization and the core to our success.