Belmont’s Maxicut series EDM Sinker machines allow you to burn simple to complex designed electrodes into hard or soft conductive materials. Click the machine model shown in red to view additional information.

Machine Size Machine Model
Available Options
C-Axis & Tool Changer Water Dielectric Dual Head
SMALL MX-126    
MEDIUM MX-140    
LARGE MX-150    

Our EDM Sinkers include the following optional features:

Adaptive Logic

Adaptive Logic is an optional pulse monitoring system for difficult applications that constantly guards against arcing and shorting of the electrode under poor cutting conditions.  This enhanced machining feature works in all applications and is especially effective on small electrodes and fine detail work, in most cases eliminating the need for flush holes.

Operating System


Maxicut EDM sinker machines with the ZNC and CNC designation can store up to 50 programs, each of which can have up to 8 lines containing information defining actual EDM cutting conditions, servo settings, power levels, and polarity.


Maxicut EDM sinker machines with ZNCw or CNCw designation offer the Windows Operating System. This offers multitasking capabilities such as creating a part program even while a different part program is running. This is possible due to multiple processors for the operator interface and motion control system.

EDM Sinker Utilizing Water Dielectric

Belmont’s water sinker EDM technology is unique to the industry. All our Maxicut sinker models can be custom built as a water sinker, which includes a stainless-steel work tank, and table. All plumbing, valves, and hoses are rated for water usage.  Switching to an EDM sinker utilizing water as a dielectric is a great option for companies concerned with oil contamination and looking to eliminate the dielectric oil workpiece cleaning process. This option is environmentally friendly, as well as provides a cost saving with the elimination of purchasing EDM oil and waste removal.

Dual Head

A Dual Head option is available on our large CNC gantry system EDM sinkers powered by dual 200 peak ampere pulse generators.  This design is especially useful in the automotive die and mold industry where large molds require large cavity burns and small machining details such as reinforcing ribs.  These machines have the capacity to accommodate the largest molds or dies with full CNC EDM features.

EDM Sinker Automation

Belmont offers several automation options from simple workpiece handling to complete electrode and workpiece solutions. We can assist with anything that your EDM sinker application requires. Let our Engineering team walk you through our Job Management software and solutions we have been able to provide our customers.  We pride ourselves in assisting in maximizing efficiency, productivity, and unattended run time.

Custom Build & Turn-Key EDM Sinker System Development

Belmont brings years of practical EDM sinker experience to our customers. We pride ourselves in providing cost effective, innovative solutions to keep you competitive in today’s global marketplace. If one of our standard models that already has many customizable features does not fit for your application, we can also investigate a Custom Build or Turn-Key System options.

We will custom build an EDM sinker solution according to your requested specifications. Our staff of EDM Professionals would meet with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your application goals, objectives, and budgetary constraints. The right machine configuration would be selected for your job based on this understanding, and our Engineering team would provide concept drawings to ensure feasibility.

We can also assist with full turnkey, EDM sinker system development with the Belmont team assuming total responsibility from design through completion of your project.  Your application is analyzed to develop an efficient process flow, and the part is analyzed to develop efficient holding devices.  Fixtures are then designed and built for the part and/or machine. The cutting technology and CNC programs are developed to optimize the EDM process. A complete integration of the system is verified to ensure part production requirements before the machine ships from our floor. The EDM sinker system is delivered to your facility and installed by our team of qualified technicians. Our technicians train your operators on the machine and control, so they have a complete understanding of the machining process. Your system’s operation is verified to meet or exceed your expectations. As always, you have Belmont’s full commitment to after-sale support to ensure continued productivity of the system.